• Air Wick

    Air Wick

    The Air Wick Freshmatic® range automatically releases bursts of fragrance into your home throughout the day, so your home always smells just as you want it to. With a wide variety of fragrances, the Air Wick Freshmatic® range is the perfect way to fill the room with your favourite fragrance for up to 50 days*. *Based on low setting.

    Simply insert the aerosol refill and the battery operated device will release a fresh, light fragrance at constant time intervals.

    Up to 2,400 sprays of fragrance in each refill

    Available in a wide range of fragrances

  • Ajax Dish-washing Liquid Soap

    Ajax provides superior performance for the smart, budget-conscious consumer. No matter how dirty your clothes get and what dirt and grease your family gets into when Ajax cleans, it cleans thoroughly. Dependable Ajax provides superior performance for smart, budget-conscious shoppers. Time-tested original laundry detergent provides reliable results. Wash away dirt and grease with Ajax, Stronger Than Dirt!

    Strips the grease, guaranteed
    Removes stuck-on-food
    Contains fresh lemon scent
    Leaves dishes sparkling clean

  • Always Ultra

    Always Ultra (Cotton soft)

    2x softer & Flexible vs Always Clean & Dry Large size
    Soft top sheet with lotion that protects your skin from irritation and harm
    Extra-absorbent gel core instantly absorbs liquid and locks it inside the pad to prevent leakage
    Feel super soft with Always Cotton Soft Ultra Thin sanitary pads

  • Aqua Fresh

    Aqua Fresh

    Aquafresh All-In-One Fluoride Toothpaste Mild & Minty.

    comes with 4-in-1 protection that is suitable for the whole family. It helps strengthen and protect teeth from cavities, keeps gums healthy and freshens your breath, is specially formulated with micro-crystals for double the cleaning power in hard-to-reach areas

    Healthy Gums
    Strong Teeth
    Fresh Breath

  • Ariel


    Ariel Powder Original Scent for hand wash and semi automatic machines cleans like new in 1 wash! This powder detergent is a must-have in your laundry room. It offers its legendary clean whether your challenge is a tough stain or simply everyday soil. Your trustworthy ally for an incredible clean on all your garments. When it has got to be clean it’s got to be Ariel!

  • Colgate herbal Toothpaste

    Colgate Herbal Toothpaste

    Toothpaste contains natural herbs like Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Myrrh and Sage which are known for their Oral care benefits. Natures best herbs which are known for their oral care benefits. The goodness of herbs helps maintain your oral hygiene for stronger and healthier teeth

  • Colgate Mouth Wash

    Colgate Plax Fresh Mint mouthwash

    Colgate Plax Fresh Mint mouthwash removes over 99% of germs that cause bad breath and cavities, giving you a fresher and cleaner mouth than brushing alone. It has a refreshing fresh mint after taste. This mouthwash contains no alcohol (non-alcoholic) hence does not cause any burning sensation when you use it. Yet it removes 99% of germs instantly. You will experience an instant blast of freshness and a 10X longer cooling sensation compared to brushing alone. This mouthwash gives you 24/7 control over bad breath with regular use.

  • Dove Cream

    Dove Cream

    Dove moisturising cream for beautifully soft and smooth skin

    • Rich, smooth texture easily sinks into skin

    • Light but nourishing moisturising formula

    • Absorbs without leaving any oily residue

    • Suitable for all skin types, even oily skin

    • Provides complete daily skin care

    What does beautiful skin mean to you? Softness? Radiance? Smoothness? Luckily these things are possible for all of us – all you have to do is give your skin the best care you can, with the best moisturising cream you can find. And what makes the best moisturising cream? Nourishment. So we designed Dove Beauty Cream to be full of it.

    With a rich moisturising formula, Dove Beauty Cream nourishes skin to leave it looking and feeling beautiful. Rich doesn’t mean heavy though – this lightweight moisturising cream leaves no greasiness or oily residue behind – so it’s perfect for all skin types, including oily skin. Use it day and night and smooth, soft, silky skin will be yours. Beautiful.

  • Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Pump

    Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Pump

    Nourish the skin your in with Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Pump. This creamy wash helps soothe dry skin, delivering remarkable results after just one use. The sulphate free body wash is packed with Dove’s most powerful moisturizers to help transform dry skin, rich in Dove’s exclusive NutriumMoisture complex. Skin is left visibly smoother and softer with each successive application. It’s easy to apply to a wash cloth, bath pouf or loofah thanks to a pump top dispenser.

  • Dove Deodorant Spray

    Dove Deodorant Spray

    Save time and start your day with a beautiful boost from Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant Beauty Finish 3.8 oz. Part of the Dove Dry Spray range, this antiperspirant deodorant spray means you can get dressed instantly without the fear of wet patches on your clothes. As well as protecting against wetness, Dove Beauty Finish also helps to keep sweat at bay for up to 48 hours. Blending Dove ¼ moisturizers with a dermatologically tested formula, this Dove Dry Spray is enriched with Vitamin E and provides great underarm care that is caring to underarm skin. In fact, it even helps delicate underarm skin to recover from the irritation that regular shaving can cause.

    Use this antiperspirant deodorant spray regularly and you can enjoy beautifully soft and smooth underarms that stay dry all day long. To use, apply Dove Beauty Finish Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray after bathing or showering, once your underarm skin is cool and dry.

    Contains Dove ¼ moisturizers for soft and smooth underarms
    Goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel
    Dry spray antiperspirant enriched with vitamin E
    0% alcohol (ethanol) formula cares for delicate underarms

  • Dove Roll On

    Dove Roll on

    Dove Antiperspirant Roll on Cucumber helps to start your day with a zing thanks to its super-fresh green tea and cucumber scent.

    Fantastically fresh green tea and cucumber scents

    0% alcohol to help reduce irritation

    Provides excellent underarm care

    Contains ¼ moisturising cream for beautifully soft and smooth underarms

    Glides on easily
    Helps delicate underarm skin to recover from irritation caused by shaving
    Nothing quite beats a nice cold shower in the morning to really get us going and help us to feel clean and hygienic, does it? If only we could bottle that feeling and keep it with us all day long, right? Well now you can, with Dove Antiperspirant Roll on Cucumber. The super-fresh scent is just what you need to extend that shower-fresh feeling throughout the day.

    And it isn’t just a refreshing scent that makes Dove Antiperspirant Roll on Cucumber such a good choice for the start of your day. As well as our reliable Dove antiperspirant deodorant formula, it also contains ¼ moisturising cream to help your delicate underarm skin to recover from irritation caused by shaving. You’ll have beautifully soft and smooth underarms in just three days.

  • Dove Soap Bar

    Dove Soap Bar

    For skin that looks soft, smooth and radiant, turn to the Dove Beauty Bar. With ¼ moisturising cream, it goes beyond cleansing, nourishing as it washes away the day. The secret to beautiful skin is moisture, and no other bar hydrates skin better than Dove. That’s because Dove isn’t a soap bar, it’s a Beauty Bar. While ordinary soaps can strip skin of essential nutrients, Dove beauty bar has mild cleansers to care for skin as it cleans. With our ¼ moisturising cream, Dove Beauty Bar leaves your face and body feeling soft, smooth, and more radiant than ordinary soap.
    You can see why we call it a beauty bar. You might be a fan of the Dove Beauty Cream Bar, but with so many to choose from, why not try them all? We have a Dove beauty bar to suit any need, after all. Our Sensitive Beauty Cream Bar is perfect for skin that’s easily irritated. For a touch of pampering, choose our Shea Butter Beauty Cream Bar. Or reveal fresh, glowing new skin with our Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Cream Bar. Dove the home of real beauty.

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