• Beet Sugar

    Beet Sugar

    Beet sugar is the sugar by-product extracted from the sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) and is a common sucrose source used in commercial baking, in the form of granulated, powdered, and brown sugars. These varieties are created during processing through adjustments in:

    The addition of molasses

    Sugar selection is determined by the desired end product since different sugar sizes may play a role in baked goods’ appearance or taste. Some refining by-products may be used as an ingredient to add fiber content to prepared foods such as cereals.

  • Brown sugar

    Brown sugar

    Brown sugar is granulated cane sugar with added molasses. It is coarser and more moist than white sugar and imparts a unique flavor and dark color to food systems.

  • Sugar-Cane

    Sugar Cane

    It is a perennial grass in the family Poaceae grown for its stem (cane) which is primarily used to produce sucrose.Sugarcane is primarily used for the production of cane sugar (sucrose). One of the biproducts of sugarcane production is bioethanol which can be used as a fuel in place of gasoline. The dried fibre which is left over after the extraction of the sugarcane juice is called bagasse and is used in paper and textile production, as a fuel or as an organic mulch.

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