• Fresh Ginger

    Fresh Ginger

    We are giving Raw Fresh Ginger is used to help digestion and help fight the flu and common cold, reduce nausea, to name a few. This is also demanded for the preparation of candies, pickles, spice mix, curries & vegetables. Apart from kitchen spice, this Raw Fresh Ginger has several medical usages also, like it also helps to relieve from rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoarthritis, menstrual pain. Moreover, this can be effective in the treatment of dyspepsia & migraine headache.

  • Fresh White Garlic

    Fresh White Garlic

    Fresh garlic is so full of moisture that it actually cooks more quickly than older garlic. Use low, gentle heat and pay attention, because scorched garlic has an acrid odor and bitter taste. When salting or frying, add garlic after other ingredients have given off moisture.
    New crop fresh natural white garlic

    Normal white garlic Pure white garlic
    Size and
    Reducing bacteria, keeping the heart in good condition

  • White and Yellow corn

    White and Yellow corn

    Maize is one of the most important cereals in India. It is used for many important purposes as cornflour, for making popcorns, as toppings, salads, and many more purposes. Commonly, the known variety of the corn is yellow, but except it, there are many colors in which maize is available worldwide. Some of the colors are – blue, white, purple, red, etc.

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