White and Yellow corn

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White and Yellow corn

Maize is one of the most important cereals in India. It is used for many important purposes as cornflour, for making popcorns, as toppings, salads, and many more purposes. Commonly, the known variety of the corn is yellow, but except it, there are many colors in which maize is available worldwide. Some of the colors are – blue, white, purple, red, etc.

The main difference between White Corn and Yellow Corn is that they mainly differ in the color of the kernels present in them. The color of the kernels is due to the presence or absence of the pigments present in the maize. The taste of the white corn is much sweeter than the yellow corn.
White Corn is strong, elongated appearance. The height of the white corn plant measured between 10-25 cm. The White Corn is majorly used in making cornflakes cereals, used as pizza toppings, also can be eaten after sauteing. The sugar content present in the kernels is very high. On ripening of the kernels, the fleshy kernels change into hard and tough kernels. Yellow Corn is said to be a variety of sweet corn. The alignment of the kernels is light and uniform. They can contain up to 400 kernels in one single ear. The availability season of the yellow corn is throughout the year. The crop of the yellow corn is harvested when the yellow kernel of the corn grasps the juicy and fleshy flavor in them.
Parameters of Comparison White Corn Yellow Corn
Made Up Of They are made up of white creamy kernels. They are made up of pale yellow colour kernels
Taste They are sweeter They are less sweet
Used In The white corn flour is used in less sweet, needed recipes The yellow corn flour is used in sweeter, needed recipes.
Flavour It does not have any flavour. It has a very strong and powerful flavour.
Vitamin Content It has less Vitamin A and B content It has more Vitamin A and B content.

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